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An American Actor and Filmmaker, he is well known for his roles in blockbuster drama and comedy films. His films have grossed multi-billion dollars worldwide. As of 2019, his awards include 2 Academy Awards, 8 Emmy Awards, 4 Golden Globe Awards and 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Additionally, he received the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film from BAFTA, a Kennedy Center Honor and a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama. He is also known for being friendly and pleasant to his fans and has even frequently been referred to as “America’s Dad”.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks Quotes


“My wife keeps on telling me my worst fault is that I keep things to myself and appear relaxed. But I am really in a room in my own head and not hearing a thing anyone is saying.”

It is quite evident that Hanks can become quite involved in his own thoughts. To others, this may seem as though he is laid back or relaxed but he knows this is not the case. By keeping his thoughts in his mind instead of sharing them with others, it will naturally appear as though he is very confident and calm.


“E-mail is far more convenient than the telephone, as far as I’m concerned. I would throw my phone away if I could get away with it.”

Here we can see that Hanks prefers e-mail to the telephone and this shows something about his character. Generally, the benefits of email are that you are not expected to reply quickly and this gives the sender time to carefully consider what is being put in a message. On the other hand, with phones, people are expected to reply to messages more quickly, or if speaking, talk on the spot. The fact that Tom prefers e-mail shows that he does not really like to improvise and instead likes to carefully think his actions through.


“I am who I am, and I think I have a good nature, by and large. But if someone takes advantage of that good nature, well then, you know, I’m not that nice a guy.”

It seems that Hanks is quite aware of the extent of his character. Although he does like to think of himself as a friendly person with good morals, he also understands that this is not useful all of the time. If he feels as though somebody has tried to take advantage of him, he can become vengeful in order to gain control of a situation. Overall, this is the key to having balanced emotions, to harbor the correct feelings at the appropriate time.


“I understand the concept of optimism. But I think with me what you get is a lack of cynicism.”

Evidently, Tom Hanks believes that optimism can be a little misguided. Instead, he prefers to keep a more balanced outlook on things, not being particularly positive or negative and instead just seeing things for the way they are. This is more helpful to people, as a less extreme view is more easy to relate to, and they will not view him as naive or negative.


“Some people go to bed at night thinking, ‘That was a good day.’ I am one of those who worries and asks, ‘How did I screw up today?'”

This shows how Hanks is a bit of a perfectionist at heart. In order to improve as an individual, people need to be able to reflect on the things that they do and their abilities. Clearly, Hanks wants to improve himself all the time, so he looks back at the end of the day to see what could have gone better for himself. If he notices something that he wishes he could have improved upon, he can then work on it in the future.


“I think it’s better to feel good than to look good.”

Tom Hanks does not appear to have a very superficial view of the world. Instead, he likes to focus on the feelings he experiences inside. This is beneficial to him as it allows him to follow his intuition more and avoid being drawn towards things that are not legitimate. As an example, for him this could be choosing films to involve himself in based on how they make him feel, rather than how much hype they have built up.


“If you’re funny, if there’s something that makes you laugh, then every day’s going to be okay.”

Lastly, we can understand that Hanks like to find humour in many situations. By doing this, he lowers the amount of stress associated with his daily duties for himself and other people around him. When somebody is funny or looks to be light-hearted, individuals can become drawn towards them as they give off a good feeling. This can prove to be a massive benefit for him.

Tom Hanks MBTI (Probable):

The ENTP (Inventor) is quick to see complex interrelationships between people, things and ideas. They are able to analyse these links in profound detail. ENTPs are frequently described as clever, enthusiastic and outgoing. They are usually also innovative, flexible, loyal and resourceful. In terms of motivation, they have a desire to understand and improve the world they live in and are usually accurate when sizing up a situation. The ENTP can have a perverse sense of humour and they can often enjoy playing Devil’s advocate.

Tom Hanks – Keys to Success:

  • Be Easygoing – No matter how seriously you take your goals and achievements, it is important to allow people to see your good side. By allowing yourself to be positive and sociable, you will influence the way people see yourself for the better.
  • Focus on the Collective – Instead of focusing on the interests of one person or group to impress with your achievements, think of how your work can be of greatest impact to the majority. The more people you can impact with your efforts, the more they can lift you up to greater successes.
  • Stick to a Plan – Whatever you choose your plan of action to be, make sure you stick it out to the end, unless you can no longer see that it will bring the benefits you anticipated. The purpose of your plans are so that you can get to a desired result and if this is still the case, giving up should not be an option.


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