Tiger Woods Mindset

Name: Tiger Woods

Birthday: 30h December 1975

Profession: Golfer

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods Personality:

Certainly, to be a champion golfer, you need have precise physical abilities to master your swing, a deep understanding of the best choices to make and the unwavering concentration of a chess grand-master. Tiger Woods has these attribute and in particular his mental strength may be his greatest asset of all. He also looks to his religion (Buddhism) alongside meditation to keep himself guided and grounded. This would explain his great and heightened levels of focus during tournaments.

Tiger Woods Competitiveness:

Above all, Tiger is a competitor but his drive demands more than just being competitive. He plays to win. This is true for every tournament he enters, as he is always prepared for whichever challenges may be thrown in his direction. Whilst he focuses on the short term in terms of the current tournaments he is in, he is always aware of the specific times he needs to be at his best.

Tiger Woods MBTI (Probable):

The ISFJ (Defender) personality is quite unique, as many of their qualities are the definition of their individual traits. They possess excellent analytical abilities, well-developed people skills and robust social relationships. Often, they are receptive to change and new ideas. Additionally, they are good at charming others and will do their best to work around any favouritism that could be holding them back. They do not like the idea of people receiving preferential treatment and they look for ways to push past this.

Tiger Woods Mindset – Quotes:

“I have always felt that I have always been pretty tough mentally, I have always had a mental edge over a lot of my opponents. It doesn’t mean I have the physical ability to back it up but I always felt like I could play with them, mentally. I had the desire to win, I wanted to beat you, but sometimes my physical abilities weren’t there. And that’s why I needed to get my physical abilities up where I felt my mind was. My mind has one me a lot of tournaments but physically I always felt that I wasn’t as good as I could be and I think that’s what I have been working on, to where I am at now.”

“There is such a thing as perfection and because we are all human and we are all technically imperfect, so how can we ever achieve perfection? But what I will tell you is this, that I have always been a big believer of professional excellence and that’s what I try and achieve. I know I can never get to a point where I hit perfect shots every time and I just want to become the best I can be and that to me is professional excellence.”

“Practice meditation. That’s something that I do. Something my mum taught me over the years and we have a thing we do each and every year where we go to the temple together. In the Buddhist religion you have to work for yourself internally in order to achieve anything in life and in Buddhism to set up the next life. It’s all about what you do and the internal work.”

“You have to work for everything in your life. You get out of it what you put into it, so you are going to have to work your butt off in every aspect of your life. I think that’s one of the things that people see in what I do on the golf course, but that’s just one small facet of my life. I have always continued to try and work.”

“That’s the only reason I came down, to win! I don’t ever apply for second.”

“I expect to win every tournament I play, because that’s what I go there to do. I figured there’s no point going to a tournament if you don’t think you can win.”

“As soon as the year turns, you are thinking about what you need to do to peak [for each tournament]. Your whole deal is to peak, four times a year to have mind and body come together for four weeks and if you are able to do that, in our sport, you’ll have a pretty good career.”

Tiger’s Keys to Success:

  • Focus – This can be practiced by performing difficult tasks in distracting environments. This will ensure you can keep a high level when under real pressure.
  • Meditation – By focusing solely on breathing, this will enable you to rid yourself of unnecessary distractions and eliminating self-talk.
  • Planning – Build a well developed plan and stick to it. This will ensure you can be committed to goals in the short, mid and long term.

Tiger’s Woods – Facts

  • He was born in Cypress, California and grew up in Orange County.
  • His other interests include Buddhism, Basketball, American Football and Fishing.
  • He is considered by many others to be the greatest golfer of all time for his dominance in the sport.
  • His net worth (2016) was $740 Million


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