Kanye West Mindset

Full Name: Kanye Omari West

Date of Birth: June 8, 1977

Profession: Musician

Kanye West

Starting Out:

Kanye is one of the most well known producers that progressed into becoming a rapper. Many producers have made this switch, however Kanye made the change seamlessly. He did this so well, that nowadays people view him as more of a musical artist than an out and out producer. Kanye started as a producer in the late ’90s and managed to get a few placements, but his major placement came in 2001 when he became involved with Jay-Z’s “The Blueprint”. West was featured on four tracks on this album, including the two major tracks, “Takeover” and “Izzo”. This helped catapult Kanye’s producing career, to truly transition him to become an artist in his own right and a position for him to grow.

Kanye’s Breakthrough:

In October 2002, he became involved in a car accident when he fell asleep behind the wheel. and when he woke from his coma, he had his mouth wired shut. This was a blessing in disguise for Kanye as it motivated him to go to the studio and record his breakthrough single “Through the Wire”. Incredibly, he was rapping the whole song with his mouth still wired shut. This breakthrough for him inspired many other artists to dabble in production and vice-versa. Although this had been done before, he re-ignited these “well-rounded” passions in the industry.

Kanye West’s Production:

It is very clear that his production has heavily influenced the sound of hip-hop since he started out. After competing against 50 Cent to become the biggest star in hip-hop, his production was forever going to change the sound of genre following the release of his 2008 album “808s and Heartbreak”. When the album dropped, many other artists started implementing the 808 sound into their productions and this is still present today. If this album hadn’t have been released, hip-hop would have led a vastly different path.

Kanye Self-Belief:

Kanye West has a tremendous amount of self-belief. There are lessons in his music, videos and interviews which showcase this. Some people love him and others hate him. He is recognised for being extremely outspoken and not being afraid to share his opinions with the world. Whether he does some of these because of his views or just to cause a stir, people listen. But what is undeniable is that he is a man with unstoppable self-belief to overcome the amount of negativity he receives from critics. He has a single minded ability to believe in himself without doubt and for this reason it has made him one of the most influential and inspiring figures in modern society.

Kanye West Ego:

He forever changed the music industry and fashion industries through his sheer creativity but he gets criticised often due to his ego. As an example with fashion, we can see that Kanye often finds items that are unpopular but his ego tells himself that he can turn them around. He wears these items and pushes them to the masses until they are universally accepted as “fashionable”. Ironically, this is the main reason why many people like him. His ego helped him get to a place where a lot of people wish they could reach, being able to see through a dream. This, coupled with his talent and drive, has allowed him to invigorate and change the direction of hip-hop music and the fashion industry multiple times.

Kanye West MBTI (Probable):

The ISFJ (Defender) personality is quite unique, as many of their qualities are the definition of their individual traits. They possess excellent analytical abilities, well-developed people skills and robust social relationships. Often, they are receptive to change and new ideas. Additionally, they are good at charming others and will do their best to work around any favouritism that could be holding them back. They do not like the idea of people receiving preferential treatment and they look for ways to push past this.

Kanye West Mindset – Quotes:

“Here’s something that’s contrary to popular belief: I actually don’t like thinking. I think people think I like to think a lot. And I don’t. I do not like to think at all.”

“It’s not ‘can’; it’s ‘will.’ You have to will things into fruition.”

“The risk for me would be in not taking one – that’s the only thing that’s really risky for me.”

“I can analyze people’s intentions. Immediately. That’s just a warning. To everyone.”

“The most genius thing about the way I create is to create with other geniuses.”

“People always say that you can’t please everybody. I think that’s a cop-out. Why not attempt it? ‘Cause think of all the people you will please if you try.”

“Why, if someone is good in one field can they not be accepted or given the slightest opportunity to express and be creative in other fields?”

Kanye’s Keys to Success:

  • Collaborate – Work with others to achieve a common goal. By collaborating with other personalities, whether like your own or completely different, you can learn from them. When people have good knowledge and traits, you can easily learn from them. Those with lesser qualities will provide you with a practical example of what not to do.
  • Your Best is Yet to Come – Never take the attitude that your best days are behind you. As long as you are living, you can still work on your existing talents, starting from your current baseline which is higher than when you started (with a few exceptions), so naturally you can get better and produce better work as you age.
  • Find what is Missing – To provide something that an audience can enjoy and explore new boundaries, you need to search within your field to deliver what is missing. If you can find something that you feel is needed and create demand for more, you will be able to succeed if you dedicate some time and effort.

Kanye West Essential Reading & Products:

Kanye West Other Facts:

  • He is married to Kim Kardashian.
  • His mother, Donda West, passed away in 2007 due to complications following cosmetic surgery.
  • Kanye’s zodiac sign is Gemini.
  • He has his own clothing line, under the name “Yeezy”, which has had collaborations with many other well-known fashion brands.


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