Jay Kay Mindset

Name: Jay Kay / Jason Luís Cheetham

Date of Birth: 30 December 1969

Profession: Musician

Jay Kay

Starting Out:

Born to Karen Kay, a cabaret singer and entertainer and Luís Saraiva, a former guitarist, it was clear that Jason was going to have a natural inclination towards music. During his teenage years, he had a serious argument with his mum, the result was that he ended up homeless for a period. Learning to move on quickly to get by, he immersed himself in the culture of the street and worked many different jobs and became involved in small crimes to stay afloat. After returning to his home after a near death experience where he was attacked and stabbed, he decided to follow a genuine career in the music industry. He created some home demo recordings which eventually attracted the attention of up and coming record label “Acid Jazz” who supported him. In 1992, he created the band “Jamiroquai”. With their unique sound and worldwide following, they have sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, to date.


He never thought he exceeded his expectations with his albums as he anticipated they would get released and do well. Additionally, he always took the initiative to treat each album as a separate project and be careful not to release music that sounds the same as he had previously released. Innovation is a key part to the sound of “Jamiroquai”, and people will not always like new ideas, especially when older methods have proved to be so effective for them. Before, he has admitted that he is nervous upon each new release but he has learned that it is just part of being a successful musician.


Overall, Jay Kay has always tried to break boundaries with his music, videos and sense of style. As a young breakthrough artist, he announced himself to the world with slick fusions of global fashion and accessories, mirroring his own ideas of the world. His music has brought together the old, traditional funk, soul and disco sound with a modern, technological based twist. His albums have stood the test of time and are well at home amongst the forefathers of influences he looks up to. Likewise, his music videos have always tested the limits of what is possible, with results that people previously though were unachievable.

Personal Values:

In terms of his personal values, Jay Kay has always been active in charity causes, particularly those related to saving the environment we live in. He does not like the problems humans bring to our own world and tries to use his money and efforts to work towards a better world. This is a feature that coincidentally he talks about within some of his lyrics. Additionally, in some of his earlier music videos, he tried to raise awareness by using footage of global problems and injustice. Unfortunately, he reached opposition from his record companies who ironically, did not think it was a good way to market the music. He was always fighting against the mantra that “political messages don’t sell records”, however, he has always managed to fit it into his albums.

Jay Kay MBTI (Probable):

The ENFP (Discoverer) is often an initiator of change who are extremely perceptive of possibilities. They are able to energise and stimulate other people through their enthusiasm, which can be contagious. They prefer the start-up phase of a project or relationship and can be tireless in their pursuit of new interests. The ENFP is able to anticipate the needs of others and offer them the help and appreciation they need. Overall, they look to bring joy, liveliness and zest to all aspects of their lives.

Jay Kay Mindset – Quotes:

“I learn fast and I take note of what I’ve been told.”

“Now, I’m the most impatient person that ever walked the planet. However, for the best, you always wait.”

“I have to thank my mum for kicking me out at sixteen and making me stand on my own two feet. That’s how I got here.”

“I consider myself very lucky to have had the career I have. I listen to the radio now and you can’t tell the artists apart.”

“I think these days a lot of the younger generation feels that the world owes them something. But you’ve got to get off your backside and you’ve got to do all the crap stuff, too.”

“Every now and again I need to get away from everything. I’m quite a hidey-hole kind of a guy.”

“Your private life is your private life and you keep it to yourself. You get more respect that way.”

Jay Kay – Keys to Success:

  • Learn Fast – As with all endeavours, picking up ideas and techniques quickly is hugely beneficial to you. By immersing yourself in the process of learning, whether visually, audibly or practically, you give yourself the best chance of taking in the information you need. Remove any tempting distractions and it will seem much easier to focus on the task at hand.
  • Bounce Back – Regardless of the setback, the most important thing you can do is overcome it as quickly as you can and move on. Whilst this can be difficult to do and sometimes it may take a long time, the sooner you can pick yourself up, the more you will grow.
  • Evolve with the Times – It can be easy to stick to conventional methods and believe that what has worked before will continue to work in the future. However, for many things this is not necessary true. Change is all around us, no matter how small. You need to learn to expect, accept and learn to react to change to make the best opportunities for yourself to succeed.

Jay Kay Facts:

  • Jay Kay has an extensive luxury car collection. He often buys and sells cars to maintain his catalogue and profit on cars he has restored.
  • He has appeared on the critically acclaimed motoring show “Top Gear” multiple times.
  • Jay Kay can be seen wearing hats frequently. These range from “regular” in personal life to the “extreme” when performing.
  • Although he is not religious, he believes in how the energy and vibrations of the universe affect humans.
  • His other interests include protest demonstrations, helicopters and environmentalism.


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