James Bond Mindset

James Bond represents a statement of masculinity for many people across the world. He is a secret agent with the code number 007, originally he was a Royal Navy Reserve Commander but now he works for the Secret Service in London. His supreme ability in espionage takes him all over the world to dangerous and exotic locations. James Bond embodies what so many young men wish they could become, confident, intelligent and skilled. There are a lot of positive traits from the mysterious fictional character which can be learned and applied to our everyday lives, specifically around his mental toughness.

James Bond

James Bond Mindset – Quotes

“Why is it that people who can’t take advice always insist on giving it?”

When dictating social situations, James in neither pushy nor cowardly, he usually offers his suggestions in a “take it or leave it” manner without a fear of rejection. Because he doesn’t show any signs or worry or anxiety, people are more likely take him up on his offers, particularly women who he naturally impresses. This vastly differs from other people, who are more likely to push their views or ideas onto other people and become inflexible when these are rejected. In this sense, we can see that Bond is very happy to “go with the flow”.

“I like to do some things the old-fashioned way.”

James Bond is extremely equipped with a wide-range of unique skills. As a secret agent, he is an expert in areas which allow him to get closer to people for the purpose of intelligence. These are across physical, mental and social domains as they will all aid his ability to perform his profession. To master any one of Bond’s specialist skills would require hours of practice and failures to get to his ability levels, although we never particularly get a chance to see him doing this in the films. This has kept him grounded as his good old-fashioned hard work constantly rewards him.

“There’s a saying in England: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

Although the things he wants do not always come easily to him, he has an inner conviction to stick to his guns, no matter what people do or try to take away from him. When he senses an issue intuitively, he does not hide from it. He isn’t a role model because of the things he has acquired over time, but instead he is a role model because of morals and actions in the face of adversity. He is always able to identify the hardships along his path but he can laugh them off and stay true to his course.

“They say you’re judged by the strength of your enemies.”

In terms of his personal beliefs and traits, Bond is willing to die or even become tortured for what he believes in. The stronger his opposition, the more he is revered for overcoming them. Once Bond has a mission, he sticks to it completely in the face of pain which is an admirable trait for everybody. Bond doesn’t waste his personal energy on worry, threats, frustration or anger. Usually he will either completely ignore verbal threats or come back to them with a witty or humorous remark to diffuse the tension of the situation.

“Don’t think. Just let it happen.”

By remaining playful and not taking events so seriously, it creates opportunities for events to swing back into his favour. It is natural to face rejection if people go after the things they want, but Bond’s acceptance to handle any unwanted outcome creates an inner confidence which is powerful and attractive to others. If he can change something to his benefit, he will act but otherwise he will just try to move on as quickly as possible. Bond never gets stuck thinking about the past or the future and is constantly in the “here and now”.

“In my business you prepare for the unexpected.”

Whilst being capable across a variety of skillsets is extremely admirable, this would be unachievable without a large amount of hours of practice time, which we understand Bond has performed in his youth. These cannot be put down to just “natural ability”. We often think of James Bond as a man of extreme action but in reality he is surprisingly inactive and nonreactive to many situations, especially when his life isn’t in any immediate danger. We know that during shooting scenes we see him extremely animated, moving to keep himself covered and partaking in combat but when it comes to conversations and other human interactions, he never allows himself to become unnerved or rattled. He accepts that people may turn down his offers on occasion and that we cannot always win every verbal or physical battle, but he refuses to react or become upset as it would only serve to hinder him.

James Bond MBTI (Probable):

The ISTP (Craftsman) personality is adventurous and independent. People with this personality type love to find out how things work and often have great mechanical and technical skills. They tend to live life in the “here and now”, which allows them to be adaptable to new situations whilst at the same time being spontaneous in their actions. They enjoy keeping busy and are action-oriented. This type thrives on new and exciting situations.

Bond’s Keys to Success:

  • Adapt to the Situation – Key to the survival of any species is the ability to observe your surroundings and blend in. Standing out too much, while sometimes desired, can draw unwanted attention from others. Think about where you are, who you are associating with and then you can assess how to dress, speak and act accordingly. People will naturally be drawn to those that they perceive as similar to themselves.
  • Practice makes perfect – Expect to be terrible at everything the first time few times you perform them. Although the result you are looking for can seem so far away, appreciate the time and effort others have made to become experts in their fields. Use repetition to your advantage, the more time you spend practicing a skill, the better you will become.
  • Prevent negative actions/emotions – Ask yourself what actions need to be taken to shift things from negative to neutral or positive for your own personal benefit. If there is something you can do for your profit, go for it and if not, you need to move on as fast as you can. Understand what matters and focus on action above your own ego.


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