AP McCoy Mindset

Name: Sir Anthony Peter McCoy

Date of Birth: 4th May 1974

Profession: Jockey

AP McCoy

AP McCoy – Reputation

Only a few people in the world have managed to dominate their sport in the way of jump jockey, AP McCoy. He risked life and limb in his determination to keep his winning record out of reach from future challengers before his retirement. He has a list of qualities which kept him at the top for the duration of his lengthy career. To AP McCoy’s fellow jockeys, there is one thing they recognise above all else, his backside. As his reputation grew, alongside was a massive expectation from fans and punters of McCoy. This pressure was huge for him, however it only proved to make his performances better.

AP McCoy – Dedication

McCoy may not have always been the bookmakers best mate, but the man from County Antrim was truly the people’s champion. At nearly 6 feet tall, he was one of the sport’s tallest jockeys and existed on a very light diet you won’t hear about elsewhere. One of the duties of jockeys is the meeting and greeting of horse owners before each race. McCoy was always unfailingly polite and courteous, despite the intensity and focus which he brought to his profession. The expectations of others would never deter McCoy, who was as blinkered as his horses. He always prepared to win regardless of any external factor.

AP McCoy – Routines

Home for McCoy was Lambourn and most of his riding days followed a familiar routine, training, controlling his diet and managing his day-to-day business. On the whole, jockeys rarely socialise but the jump boys are a tighter-knit group. In spite of his tee-total status, McCoy loved to be at the heart of the craic in the local pub. Pub gatherings were always a full-on social occasion but his days off were always a dilemma for the jockey and McCoy in particular had to be careful of what he ate. He also had to exercise abstinence from alcohol. For all the young riders coming through in jump racing, McCoy is ideal person that they could emulate. His strength, balance and the way he controlled the horses movement will continue to be unparalleled.

AP McCoy – Success in Numbers

McCoy has won almost every big race there is available to win. His most high-profile winners include the Cheltenham Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle, Queen Mother Champion Chase, King George VI Chase and the 2010 Grand National, riding the horse “Don’t Push It”. By the end of his career, he had achieved a remarkable 4,348 Great Britain and Ireland Jumps winners. The title of Champion Jockey is bestowed on the jockey who has ridden the most winning horses during a racing season and McCoy was Champion Jockey 20 times (from 95-96 to 14/15 when he retired), which is more than any other winner.

AP McCoy – MBTI (Probable):

ISTJ (The Inspector) thrives on organisation. They keep their lives and environments well-regulated. They bring painstaking attention to detail in their work and will not rest until a job is completed. ISTJ’s are faithful, logical, organised, sensible and earnest traditionalists. They earn their success by thoroughness and dependability. Furthermore, they respect facts and hold a tremendous store of data within themselves, gathered through their sensory function.

AP McCoy – Quotes:

“I’m very lucky that I love what I do. I’ve never thought of it as work. I’ve never done it for the money.”

“I like challenging myself. I’m not a person who likes not to work.”

“The criticism does not hurt because I have always been my own worst critic. I wouldn’t say I don’t respect other people’s opinions, but my opinion is the most important.”

“For eight or 10 years, I got wrapped up in chasing records. Everything was a number. Didn’t matter what I won, it was a number. Every horse I rode was a number.”

“I dream up things, and then I convince myself that they’re possible.”

“Private dreams are the most powerful. You have to dream of success to make it happen, and if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. But that doesn’t mean you have to go around telling everyone about it.”

“I think I’m skillful enough, but I don’t consider myself a naturally talented, gifted sports person.”

“You need fear and doubt to drive you on. Without it, you end up living in the past and being happy with what you have achieved.”

“I am quite hard to live with, and I know that if I go through a bad run, I’m not the best company and am best left alone. But I’m not nearly as bad as people like to make out.”

AP McCoy – Keys to Success:

Control – Try to keep a control and composure over the most important things in your life. This doesn’t mean to control others and their behaviours. Instead control the things that will work towards the outcome that you desire. If something cannot be controlled, it is not worth worrying about as there is not anything you can do. Focus on what you can do to positively affect yourself and your situation.

Put in the Hours – Nobody has ever fell to the top of a mountain from the bottom, the same is true of life. To be the best, you need to invest a lot of time in an activity. As a rule of thumb, 10,000 hours is said to be the amount of time needed to achieve “mastery” in many subject areas. However, this does not consider advantages due to natural or physical activities. Keep on plugging away with the activity regardless of its difficulty and even if you cannot achieve the goal you have set, you will have improved.

Accept Losses – Although success is what everybody ultimately wants to achieve, setbacks are a natural part of life. Use these losses to practice having a strong mentality and enable you to focus on improving. If you can accept losses, you can use this as a personal motivation to get better in the future.

AP McCoy – Facts:

  • Nationality: Northern Irish
  • He has been retired since 2015
  • Net worth: $30 Million
  • Height: 1.78 meters / 5’11”
  • Won the Grand National in 2010
  • Wife is Chanelle McCoy
  • Lives in Lambourn, Berkshire
  • Other Interests: Football, Writing


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